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Things Finally, Sort of Make Sense… Sort Of

Season two was a doozie of twists and turns, where we didn’t know what was up or what was down because Elliot was a literal definition of a mess and we, the audience, are apart of that mess. The third persona in his head: the friend. We’ve learned in the last two seasons of Mr. Robot, that Elliot suffers from a lot of trauma steaming from the death of his father. This trauma has given birth to a man who has lost control of himself, splitting himself into two personas.

In the beginning, it seemed he was open to embracing this person, this “Mr. Robot”, but like a virus in a system, Mr. Robot has rooted himself into Elliot. Every single attempt Elliot has made to eradicate the virus from his proverbial system has failed. And much like a virus programmed for survival, Mr. Robot has prepared to eliminate the system to insure his survival. Leaving us at the end of season two asking, ‘ Is Elliot Alderson dead? ‘


The show is called Mr. Robot. Obviously Elliot isn’t dead. If Elliot dies, Mr. Robot dies and as the show opens up to a distraught Tyrell (who, interestingly enough declared his love for Elliot in the season two finale), we all soon learn that everything was just one big orchestrated ploy by Mr. Robot to remind Elliot that the mission will not be compromised, and that he will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Mr. Robot is willing to die for the cause because he’s already infected other people — just like a computer virus.

We got a new character, a man named Irving who seems to be a character that popped straight out of a cliche mob story directed by Martin Scorsese. He has a wise guy New Yorker accident, wears a cheap suit, sports a pompadour, and is relatively cool. Did I mention he owns a car business? Can’t imagine much car business activity happening there.

And with the introduction of Irving, this episode sets up the theme for this season. While season two focused on the struggle of the reveal of what and who exactly Mr. Robot it, season three looks to be a fight that Elliot is going to have not only within himself but with those around him. Fsociety no longer exists and his sister is compromised. Angela has become another pawn of White Rose and Tyrell is blindly following Elliot as if he was a God wiping away the errors in the world and giving birth to a new one. All of them believing that this is all the work of Elliot when in fact it is the desire and ambitions of Mr. Robot.

What’s interesting about all of this is Elliot’s confidence that he has control. As long as he believes Mr. Robot is gone, Elliot displays unwavering self-control and confidence which was something he lacked in season one. From telling the guy at the hacker party to telling Irving that the operation is off, Elliot is becoming more and more sure of himself. These changes are subtle but they are there. Which means that eventually Elliot will become stronger than Mr. Robot. He will be able to win control of his own mental state.

This is brought to life in Elliot’s impromptu rant through the streets of a New York City under chaos. In season one, Elliot goes on rant in his head during one of his court mandated therapy sessions on society. He doesn’t say these things out loud — he just thinks them in his head. But now? This isn’t just another rant in his mind. Not some commentary in response to whatever his therapist has said. It’s his self awakening.

So now what?

We going to have to see Elliot fight a war on both sides alone. One within himself and one against the world.

Let’s see how far the rabbit hole will go.

Final Thoughts

  • Why does it look like that thing they’re building is just some Large Hadron Collider?
  • Speaking of that thing, it’s been used in media before as a trigger for time travel and other destructive means. With all this talk about alternate universes and resetting everything, perhaps Evil Corp is secretly building their own LHC.
  • Six days after being shot and Elliot can run around town like nothing happened? Either Elliot has a high pain tolerance or movie magic is happening
  • Darlene, you honestly should be used to your brother disappearing for long ass periods. All of Season one and two was just Elliot doing his best Hoodini impressions.
  • ” I know a place where you can get access but you’re not going to get in wearing that shirt ” — cue the Elliot transformation into super hacker. Which, apparently, is the black hoodie.
  • I’ve been to lan parties and hackathons in the past, and I really wish they were as cool as the one in this episode. But an amazing continous shot.
  • The OnStar scene was amazing. I wonder if we’ll get any copycats, lol.
  • The contrasts between Elliot/Angela and Mr. Robot/Angela is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde levels of creepiness.
  • There were some talks on Reddit about potential Angebot and I’ll admit, I am here for this.
  • No one knows about his split personality except for Angela it seems. I think this won’t last long and it will be exploited.
  • Find you someone that looks at you like Tyrell looks at Elliot.
  • Fuck Bombs on Cable Television: 9

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