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A rollercoaster dive into a fractured mind

Where to begin?

How to begin?

It’s been three hours since I’ve seen this episode air on USA and I still can’t stop thinking about what had happened. There was just so much going on that before I realized it, there was only ten minutes left in the hour and a whole lot of questions answered and a lot of new questions being brought to life.

In the second episode, we have a great cold opener of Elliot working for E-Corp and assimilating into corporate enterprise culture. He’s back on his medication, Zoloft, and trying to “undo” everything that he had done wrong by hacking his way to victory. It’s so funny when you watch the scene and realize that Elliot isn’t “growing up” as he declares in the first few of minutes of the opener. He’s still hacking people he doesn’t like, eliminating them as he did before everything went to shit, and climbing up the chain of command until he hears the answer he wants to hear. The way the FBI come into the offices of these schmucks that have Goo Goo Doll concerts and Soul Cycle events to go to instead of listening to Elliot’s grand master plan to saving the world is just too comical.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long. The episode quickly takes a very dark turn that just left me sitting in front of my television going, ” Did that just happen? Did that actually just happen?!

While episode one seemed like something to bring us all up to speed as to what is going on, episode two takes off without holding back. Darlene is confirmed to be working for the FBI, which would explain her paranoia from the previous episode. Whether she’s doing it reluctantly or not, it seems she got immunity for exchange of her information on turning in her brother and Tyrell. On the other hand, Tyrell is nowhere to be found and Elliot’s behavior is too erratic for the FBI to track.

Wonder why?

Oh yeah, because he has absolutely no control over Mr. Robot.

If anything was to be established by watching this episode, it was to prove that Elliot has never had control of Mr. Robot and that the persona is becoming too strong for him to hold back. I almost got the feeling that Mr. Robot maybe attempting to consume and eradicate Elliot for his own survival. The scenes of Mr. Robot actively possessing Elliot’s body were downright creepy, if not horrific, as Elliot’s temper would dramatically switch from passive and uncertain to violent and direct. It seems as if people do recognize the change but it seems everyone connected to Fsociety simply believe it to be Elliot’s crazy behavior or they actually recognize that it is a different person altogether.

Much props to Christian Slater and Rami Malek’s performance in this episode. The switches between the personas and the actors were flawless. Especially during the scene where Krista manages to pull Mr. Robot out of Elliot. It’s just so damn eerie. It’s also something to note how mad Mr. Robot is gradually becoming — from the cool and collective guiding conscience in season one, to the father like figure in season two, to the maniacal villain in season three — it’s just intriguing to be witness to what Elliot considers to be a virus he needs to eradicate.

And can we give a soul clap to BD Wong’s scene stealing performance in this episode? It was less than five minutes but he managed to own the hell out of that scene. I can’t wait to see Whiterose crack under pressure this season. Oh man it’s gonna be good.

This episode by far has been the best one I’ve seen yet in this series. If this is going to be the tone for the season, sign me the fuck up.

Final Thoughts

  • I really thought Joanna was going to have a bigger role. Setting her up and simply killing her character off was such a shock to the system. I would usually be mad at something like that but, nope, well played, Esmail.
  • So Mr. Robot is not his name but he also considers himself to be Elliot? Interesting
  • Looks like Darlene is done with Elliot. I don’t see her having an easy time this season.
  • The best fuck of the episode was delivered by BD Wong
  • Actually can we just appreciate BD Wong in this show? Such a chilling villain.
  • Its interesting how Elliot forgets but Mr. Robot is aware of everything that’s happening around him. Does this mean that Elliot is shutting down and we’re going to have another case of him disappearing and losing his memory in an attempt to kill Mr. Robot ala premise of Season One?
  • Iiiitttssssss been one week since you’ve looked at me
  • Man this episode was amazing.

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