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A new season, a new group of weird and extraordinary characters

Two months have passed since Season 1, where Dirk holistically saved the world and the girl from annihilation. Now Todd and Farrah are now on a mission to find Dirk while evading the FBI, CIA, NSA, and pretty much every other federal agency in America. Unbeknownst to them, Dirk is actually held captive in a hidden government facility, being forced into repetitive tests to activate his ‘cool powers’ and tortured when he fails them by the dumb Hugo.

But that’s all last season’s drama. We need to establish this season’s weird case for Dirk to crack and it all takes place in a bumfuck town somewhere in Washington state, where Todd and Farrah have just happened to visit after Farrah meets her CIA-connected brother in a discrete area for information (but all it serves is a scene to drive the point home that Farrah’s intricacies make her a black sheep in her over-achieving family). In this town, a down-on-her-luck mother who is abused by her son, ignored by her husband, and verbally harassed by her manager just happens to have a bunch of strange things happen to her.

That, which in same vein as how season one opened, grants her an extraordinary ability that will more than likely change her life from that of the dirt under everyone’s shoes to a woman with a magic wand and a power that can even knock Bart out. All of this because Bart decided not to follow the holistic intuition she has been gifted with and let the woman live.

There is also the introduction of a parallel world narrated by a boy which seems like it comes straight out of a Japanese RPG — even with a character with pastel pink hair and lover of boyish charm. How does all this connect we have yet to know but since Dirk’s mission is to find a boy, more than likely the boy is the bridge to these two worlds.

Interestingly, compared to where the last season left off,  in two months time it seems like everyone is pretty chummy with each other. Todd is also down with Dirk’s whole ‘interconnected’ ideology of the world, despite Farrah’s initial pessimism. With Todd so willing to join Dirk on his wild and crazy adventures — partly to find his sister Amanda — I would imagine the hijinks in this season will be amplified ten fold.

The only thing I can see being a problem is how everything comes together. I am not familiar with this Douglas Adams’ work, but I am very familiar with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and this series definitely seems like a Douglas Adams’ work on LSD. It’s very cartoony and sometimes the character reactions to situations and their actions are a bit **too** kitsch. So if someone is looking for Douglas Adams’ Dirk they probably won’t find it here.

It almost feels like watching the Japanese drama The Brave Yoshihiko,  a parody of a well known IP with comic-style humor and gags sprinkled in with top-tier actors.  Dirk Gently isn’t a parody but maybe it won’t get too ridiculous and, like season one, know when not to cross that line.

Final Thoughts

  • “Somewhere, somehow Dirk is out there and he’ll know how to fix this ” — cue Dirk getting rekt’d.
  • ” You don’t wanna come over here, it’s the Rowdy Three! ” / ” But there’s only two of you… ” / ” Shut up, Math! “
  • ” You… look cool. “
  • This show is just full of these one-liners, my god.
  • ” We’re badasses now. We’re big badasses now.”
  • A plethora of one-liners.

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