A little less Klingon, a little more Discovery

Here we are, five episodes into Discovery, and I still feel as if this show is still trying to establish itself. There has been so much time spent on establishing the Klingons and their motives that I feel like everyone else has just been running on low-power, saving up their energy for something later on. With less than four episodes to go, time should not be spent giving justification to the antagonists.  Luckily, by the end of the episode, it seems the show finally has found its footing.

We open up to Michael having a nightmare all caused by her growing suspicion that Ripper is sentient and experiencing pain. The idea is bothering her and attempts to try and lessen the pain or at least find an alternative to Ripper.

Like every episode so far in this show, no one wants to listen to her because Michael is the infamous mutineer that has flung the Federation into war. So, for another week, we watch as the crew of the Discovery fumbles around and Michael is proven right. With all that she has done on this ship, I’m surprised everyone still treats her like a threat.

And considering she received a package from Captain Georgiou, you would think that the crew would realize there’s more to Michael’s story than what’s officially on record. But I digress.

Anyway, we get some action on the behalf of Captain Lorca pulling his best Captain Kirk, taking on a ship full of Klingons and getting our new addition to the cast, Lieutenant Tyler, to safety. Also some needed character introspect and backstory was delivered on Lorca which really explains why he’s given Michael the pass and understands why she made the decisions.

This episode started really slow and predictable but in the last fifteen minutes, the show really ramps things up. I have so many questions, as in what the hell was up with that final shot with Stamets? Is Tyler really someone we can trust?

And punch me right in the feels with Michael and Tilly sending Ripper free. I am so happy it ended that way.

Final Thoughts

  • This show lovvessss tractor beams. There’s been a tractor beam used in every episode thus far.
  • Nice list of all those captains. Even Decker, haha.
  • It’s great to see Harry Mudd. I don’t know why but it’s great to see a classic TOS throwback reimagined.
  • I wonder what happened to make him tubby joke that appears in TOS from the cold and calculating Mudd we see here.
  • this is just a stray unrelated opinion, but I am so over this Halsey Jeep Renegade commercial
  • I am so GLAD Saru is finally over his butthurt with Michael.
  • Oh shit. When those two (Stamets/Culmer) were bickering in the sickbay I had my suspicions. It was great to see two openly gay characters just be natural on screen.
  • After Trek dropping that Mirror, Mirror reference. I know it’s just a circlejkerk-talk show for nerds but can those spores really travel into the alternate dimension? Did we see Mirror!Stamets in the mirror? Hmmm 🤔

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