• Nighthawks
  • Good

There’s just something about a show that features a bunch of sixteen year olds in crazy situations that just has us Millennials going crazy. Riverdale is a teen soap opera, but it has as much crazy as the Young and the Restless. Logic and rationality does not exist in Riverdale and it’s obvious that no one […]

  • Neo Yokio
  • Meh

I’m no stranger to Neo Yokio. If you’re frequently active on Tumblr like I am, when the show dropped on Netflix last month, there wasn’t an escape from the newfound obsession with Toblerone and bizarre, self deprecating humor. Even with the star studded cast, watching the trailer and seeing the horrible animation wasn’t enough for […]

  • eps3.1undo.gz
  • Fantastic

Where to begin? How to begin? It’s been three hours since I’ve seen this episode air on USA and I still can’t stop thinking about what had happened. There was just so much going on that before I realized it, there was only ten minutes left in the hour and a whole lot of questions answered […]

  • Choose Your Pain
  • Good

Here we are, five episodes into Discovery, and I still feel as if this show is still trying to establish itself. There has been so much time spent on establishing the Klingons and their motives that I feel like everyone else has just been running on low-power, saving up their energy for something later on. […]

  • eps3.0power-saver-mode.h
  • Great

Season two was a doozie of twists and turns, where we didn’t know what was up or what was down because Elliot was a literal definition of a mess and we, the audience, are apart of that mess. The third persona in his head: the friend. We’ve learned in the last two seasons of Mr. Robot, […]

  • A Kiss Before Dying
  • Good

When I loaded up my Netflix account and saw ‘Riverdale‘ advertised with actors that looked vaguely like the characters from the comic book I would read in the grocery store as young kid, I had to laugh. What was going on. What is all of this? I guess I’ll watch this for shits and giggles. […]